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Praying for the deceased is a central part of the Orthodox Faith. We believe the Church to be one body in Christ, those of us on Earth, and those in the next life. It is imperative then that we continue to pray for the salvation of those who have passed on from this life, and no longer possess the ability to pray for their own salvation. In this way, in an unbroken chain, we continue to pray for the salvation of all those faithful Orthodox Christians who have gone on before us. As long as the Orthodox Church continues to offer up prayer in worship, we continue to pray for our departed brethren.

Memorials are typically celebrated 40 days after death (in observance of Christ's Ascension into Heaven after 40 days) after 3 months, 6 months, and annually after that. Memorial services are also preformed en masse seasonally at the 4 annual "Saturday of Souls." Three of which are celebrated at the beginning of Great Lent, and the fourth the Saturday before Holy Pentecost