Our Parish History

In 1928 the first services were held on the second floor of the old Bennet building which was located in downtown Peoria. (As a result of riverfront development, this building no longer exists). The first spiritual leader was Father K. Sakellarides.


 In 1929 a committee was formed to raise funds to build or buy an existing parish. The fund drive raised $1820. An existing church on Reed Street was purchased for $14,827. In 1931 the first parish council was elected and led by George Chiames as president.  The parish was incorporated under the Illinois Religious Corporation as  “All Saints Church of the Greek Orthodox Church on March 26, 1931.

In 1937 efforts were put forth to incorporate Orthodox faithful of non-Hellenic extraction into the life of the parish.Today we are now a multi-cultural parish with representation by several ethnic groups.

In 1960, land was purchased to build our church at 1812 N. Prospect Road. During the transition period, services were held at the YMCA ( now the Dream Center). Groundbreaking ceremonies took place on November 24, 1963. 


The doors to the church formally opened on December 20,1964 with the first service conducted on Christmas Eve. When the mortgage was paid off, plans were made to consecrate the church in June 1981. Metropolitan Iakovos (who was a bishop at that time) conducted the consecration and placed in the altar relics of Saint Theodore and SaintTryphon. Members of the parish wrote the  names of deceased loved ones  on a scroll which were enclosed in the altar.

(His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos of blessed memory and Fr. Theodore Filandrinos of blessed memory reciting the Gospel outside the Church during the consecration)

The consecration marked the church’s 50th anniversary and Father Theordore C. Filandrinos was elevated to Protopresbyter at the conclusion of services. One hundred nine (109) members and businesses became godparents to the church at this time.


In 1986 Don Shadid, parishioner,  husband of Janet, and son of Bill and Nancy Shadid was ordained a priest under the Antiochian Archdiocese and serves St. Mary’s Antiochian Church in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.


In 1997 Project Hope raised $16,855 to purchase a lift  to enable persons with disabilities to access the church hall and join others for functions. The lift also  complied with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Sunday, January 4, 1998 both  Mrs. Garifalo Harris and her daughter, Tina were the first to use the lift.


In 2001 Habib Ghantous, son of Tony and Naimi Ghantous, became a sub-deacon, a deacon in 2005 and entered the priesthood on June 26; ordained in Cicero, Illinois at St. George Antiochian Church. He  opened the doors at St. Elias Mission (Peoria) on July 16, 2005.


 Metropolis of Chicago Greek Orthodox Churches


All Saints Greek Orthodox Church is a parish under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago and works closely with the Metropolis to enhance both Metropolitan and local ministries. The church also supports and receives support from sister parishes in Central Illinois with priests and parishioners celebrating and attending vesper services at different locations as well as other events.


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