Parish Counsil General Assembly Meeting

November 5, 2023

Father began the meeting with a prayer at 12:00 pm

Phil Harris nominated Becky Lagouros to chair the meeting. She accepted.

Lisa Gerontes-Bowe was appointed secretary.  She accepted.

Minutes of past meeting:

Correction noted by Kondelo Willerton - Spelling of Hannah Mallery’s last name corrected.  

Motion was made by:  Athena Kontos

Seconded:  Gus Kontos

Motion passed


Father Theofanis Report:

Fr. Theofanis and his family are happy to be here and hopes to be here a very long time.  He shared his vision and virtues our parish family.  Fr. Theofanis also announced that Parish Council elections are schedule on December 10th for 4 positions.


Clergy Laity Report:

Nikki Vulgaris-Rodiguez called in from Greece to report on the Clergy Laity.  She urged the parish to read Fr. Theofanis’s November newsletter.  The Diocese is expecting a growth of 1400 adults to become part of the Greek Orthodox church.  There are 58 parishes which comes out to about 24 people per parish.  Nikki also mentioned that the Metropolis has a mini-grant fund called the “Mustard Seed.”  These are grants available through the Metropolis. 

Financial Report:

Michael Bowe presented the financial report through September 30, 2023

Stewardship is up by 3%

Candle revenue increased

Golf tournament set a record – thank you to Phil Harris and Evan Lagouros

Total income $181,000 (last year was

Up in net income $669.00

Asset through September

$200,000 through investments and income

2024 Budget presented and explained

$222,000 of expenses projected

$24,000 of net income (about 10% of what we bring in) per year

Stewardship income covers 89% of expenses yearly


Pete Lagouros would like to see more participation in our main fundraiser which is the Golf fundraiser.  The parish can buy a dinner at the golf fundraiser to be involved.

Phil Harris commented that Evan Lagouros and Pete were responsible for 14 of the teams that participated.  He reiterated that the parish can purchase a meal.

Mentioned February carry out dinner coming up that anyone can participate in.

Phil Harris motioned to approve the financial report for 2023 and Judy Gerontes seconded the motion.

The motion passed.

Gus motioned to approved 2024 budget

Trisha Holten seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Audit Committee:

Paul Nellas, Irby Johnson, and Simon Sarraf were nominated to be the audit committee.

Athena motioned to accept the committee.

Mary Patton 2nd the motion. Motion carried.


Calendar of Events for 2024

Fr. Theofanis thanked the parish for their support through stewardship.  He shared the parish calendar of events.  Fr. Theofanis asked that everyone give their time and talents to the church.



Athena Kontos, President of Philoptochos.  She thanked everyone for sponsoring coffee hour that has done so this year.  Special projects Philoptochos has done include the following:

5,590 snack packs since 2020

Yia Yia’s Closet donations have been made to Pleasant Hill and Norwood Primary School

Charitable donations and community outreach donations were reviewed

Philoptochos has given a total of $7,430.00 through November

A bakery sale will be held in December


Sunday School director, Trish Holton

Trish reported that there are more children in Sunday School; about 25-30 children on most Sundays.  She plans to split students into 2 groups soon.  Trish is also hoping to get junior high and high school students involved in Sunday School.


Lawsuit Update:

91 property was purchased 15 acres in 2004 and paid it off in 3 years $600,000 +/-

No access to property

2007 developer approached All Saints about donating a right away on Rt 91 to create a turn lane for Woodsage Rd

We agreed and were paid $55,000 and had water runoff and berm

Marhab properties bought property next to ours on Woodsage Rd

DHS is willing to sell us the property for access

Dr. Marhab was notified that we were in the process of purchasing the land

He said he would fight it to the end

DHS said they did not want to pay if Marhab didn’t pay

Dr. Marhab has lost on all 3 motions.

Church is pursuing to get access


How is Dr. Marhab accessing his property?  (not sure)

Is there an expected timeline?  (hopefully in the next 6 months) How much as this cost us?  About $13,000

Pete:  Explained that we do not like to sue people, but Dr. Marhab isn’t budging so left us with the only option to sue.

Land/Building Fund in cash and investments is approximately $400,000.

New parishioner asked that we come together to pray to the Virgin Mary for 5 minutes at the end of liturgy every Sunday to help us with this solution.  We need something beyond our efforts.  Fr. Theofanis has something in mind.

Mary Patton mentioned that nothing is guaranteed from the government.  Mary thanked her for the information.  Mary and George were correct that a right away to the land was not guaranteed.

A motion was made to conclude the meeting at 1:30 by Gus Kontos and seconded by Michael Bowe .

Motion carried.